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Our course on average last 7 months full time or 9 months part time.
Our tuition fee is 10,000
Our tuition fee includes access to our extensive course program & your own tool kit with everything you will need to complete the course and start your barbering career. 
In your school kit we include everything you are going to need for you barber journey and to help you start your career.

-JRL Hair clippers
-Babyliss trimmers
-JRL backpack
-Barber Supply Sheers
-Johnny B flat top comb
-Spray mister bottle
-Level 3 after shave
-Johnny B neck duster
-Level 3 clipper spray
-Johnny B talc
-Fademaster Cape
On average barbers make between $35,000 and $60,000 per year and that number can change on your terms you can make more if you put more time or give a better experience for you service cost.  
After you complete our program you will have to take a state test to get your certification. We will help you fill and submit the application to take the test. The test cost is 140.00.
You can acquire a max of 8hrs per day to achieve the 1200 hour mandatory course attendance.

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